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Proudly offering Commercial Dog Poop Removal in Orange County Florida. Poop Bandit offers fully customized dop poop removal programs for Home Owner Associations (HOA), Property Management Companies, Public Parks, Community Dog Parks, and just about commercial situation that you can think of.

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 All About our Commercial Dog Poop Removal Service

Poop Bandit offers fully customized commercial dog poop removal services for Home Owner Associations (HOA), Property Management Companies, Public Parks, Community Dog Parks, and just about commercial situation that you can think of.

Here is an example of one of our HOA Dog Poop Waste & Trash Can Programs:


How many times have you or your staff gone to show a unit or home to a potential resident and had to walk by a doggie landmine or even worse, stepped in one?

Just think, if you lose only one future resident once every two months because of dog waste problem, what is the cost to your neighborhood?

EPA Clean Water Act of 1998 has deemed animal waste or feces as secondary storm runoff contaminate. As of March 2003, all states must have guidelines and standards regarding the reduction of animal waste in storm runoff. This standard not only affects federal, state and city parks, but apartment complexes, H.O.A., right down to private homeowners.

Studies performed on watershed areas have found that nearly 20% of bacteria found in the water samples were matched with dogs as the host animals. EPA Bulletin 916-F-01-027

If your community has dog waste on the grounds, the homeowner’s association is responsible unless you have a program in place for the pick-up and removal of the pet waste from the grounds.

Did You know?

  • One out of every three homeowners will own a dog.
  • A normal small dog of 25 pounds will produce between 2 to 4 pounds of solid waste in one week. Large dogs over 25 pounds can produce between 4 to 10 pounds of waste in one week.
  • 50% to 70% of owners will pick up after their dog.
  • Dog waste can cause major health problems for humans and other pets.

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Poop Bandit Dog Poop Removal can provide the following for your community:

Dog Waste Stations
Servicing homeowner associations, neighborhood associations, local governments and municipalities. We work alongside community managers to develop and implement a comprehensive dog waste management plan designed to meet the specific needs (and budget) of the community. If your community has a problem with dog waste buildup, we are here to help.

The Dog Waste Station Service Includes:

  • Emptying dog waste stations on a weekly basis
  • Removing all waste within a six-foot radius of waste stations
  • Restocking the dog poop bag dispensers each week as needed
  • Maintaining an inventory of all supplies
  • Ensuring that all stations are in good working order at all times

Community Trash Can Service Includes:

  • Emptying trash cans around the pool area on a weekly basis
  • Emptying trash cans around the designated common areas on a weekly basis
  • Pick up surrounding trash when emptying trash cans

Additional Waste Station Services:

  • Installation
  • Lubricating the locks
  • Tightening hardware
  • Performing repairs as necessary
  • Community Common Area Clean-Up

Your residents and future residents will benefit from Poop Bandit professional dog poop removal service, both non-dog residents and dog owning residents will have a cleaner community to live in.

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