Our Services

Poop Bandit offers pooper scooper services specializing in environmentally safe removal of pet waste for all breeds of canines. Find service frequencies and more details below. If you are looking for an option not listed please contact us.

Weekly Service

Pooper scooper service set up on a weekly schedule. Pet waste removal will be on the same day each week and you don’t even need to be there!

2x Per Week Service

If you have a lot of dogs, a very large dog, or would just like your yard as clean as possible than this is the very best pooper scooper service option available!

Every Other Week

This is a great service option if you have small to medium sized dogs! Pet waste removal will be the same day every other week.
***This service may not qualify for large & giant breeds***

One-Time Service

Special occasions, parties, or move-ins/outs. Popular with Realtors, Agents, Landlords, Renters, or Property Mgmt. Companies.

Commercial Service

Custom pooper scooper services for Home Owners Associations, Property Mgmt. Companies, Public Parks, and just about any commercial situation.

Value Added

With every service we offer:

  • Removal of the waste, we never use your trash can
  • Look for and remove any objects in your yard that can harm your pet
  • Inspection of your front yard, no one likes surprises left behind from neighborhood dogs
  • Disinfect our tools and shoes in between homes to prevent the spread of any disease
  • Contact you immediately if we see anything abnormal in your pet’s waste
  • We care about our clients and will notify you if we see anything suspicious around your property
  • We are proud to offer senior, military, and veteran discounts
  • Company is properly insured