Dog Poop Removal Service

Poop Bandit is a family owned and operated business covering Orange County, Florida.

We specialize in environmentally safe removal of dog poop and pet waste for every type of dog. Weekly rates start at as low as $15.

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Our Services

It’s a Crappy Job, but Someone’s got to do it!

Weekly Service

You will be set up on a weekly schedule to have your pet’s poop scooped. We will come by on the same day each week and you don’t even need to be there!

Twice Per Week Service

If you have a lot of dogs, a very large dog, or just like your yard as clean as possible this is the very best option available! Schedule will vary by area.

One-Time Service

Pooper scooper service for any reason: special occasions, parties, or move-ins/outs. Very popular with Real Estate Agents, Landlords, Renters, or Property Mgmt. Companies.

Commercial Service

Custom pooper scooper services to Home Owners Associations, Property Mgmt. Companies, Public Parks, and just about any commercial situation.

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