When many people hear about our company, Poop Bandit-Dog Poop Removal Service, they are often astonished that a company like ours exists. They don’t understand why they would hire out a service they can do themselves.

There are many services that we all hire out to professional companies, so we, as homeowners, don’t have to tackle ourselves. Why should you hire a Dog Poop Removal Service?

Here is a list of some of the reasons you may want to consider and see how many of them fit your situation.

Saves You Time

Most of us are all time-poor! Households are typically headed up by two-income families, single-parent households, executives, professionals, and people who work long hours and are overstretched by the demands of work. Once you throw in the responsibilities of children and maintaining a household, many of us don’t have enough hours in the day to accomplish everything.

Then you have your passion, your Dogs! The last thing you have time for is to scoop the poop in the yard for an hour when you could be walking them, playing with them, and spending quality time with them.

Keeps the PEACE

You just got off the phone with the landscapers, and they are skipping cutting your yard this week because they are sick of getting dog poop in their mower tires. “Once you clean it up, they will come back” Right afterward, you step outside to throw away the garbage and step in an old pile of dog poop. Urgh!

You pop your head back in the house and say to your spouse, “Whose turn is it to pick up the dog poop in the backyard?” So, you have kids? That’s what they are there for; to pick up after the dogs, they desperately wanted? Now the arguments have just begun.

Hiring a professional pooper scooper solves this problem for the whole family, always having a clean yard helps keep the peace!


All of us that live in Central Florida know how hot it gets, not just in the Summer but all year long. The heat is an excellent activator for the poop smell to travel!

When you look in your backyard, do you see many piles of dog poop buildup with all kinds of bugs and flies around the yard?

The worst is when you throw out your trash, and the cans are so hot that all you see are flies hovering around the trash can and the smell of hot poop. No matter if the trash cans are outside or inside (don’t get me started), all you can smell is hot garbage and your dog’s poop.

Not all dog poop removal companies are created equal. Look at hiring a service that always takes the poop away with them and disposes of it properly.

Enjoy Your Yard Again

Dog poop builds up fast and can quickly get out of control; the average dog creates four pounds per week of poop or 208 pounds per year!

Kids can’t play in the yard if you have to stop everything you are doing to clean up dog poop for an hour before anyone can go outside.

Dog poop can quickly destroy your grass and create brown or bare spots that take a long time to come back or that never return without repair. Removing the dog poop from your yard frequently can make a huge difference in your yard’s overall appearance.

Stay Healthy

Local laws require that dog poop be removed to prevent polluting the waterways. Each time it rains, dog poop and many pollutants are carried by stormwater directly into our sewers and waterways. Eventually, dog poop ends up in our local water supplies in the rivers and oceans, adding more nitrogen to it.

Dog poop is not a fertilizer; it carries lots of chemicals and bacteria that are harmful to you, your kids, and your dogs. Dog poop contains dangerous pathogens like E. Coli, Salmonella, Giardia, Fecal Coliform, Tapeworms, Hookworms, Whipworms, Roundworms, Parvovirus, Coronavirus, and hundreds of other harmful organisms.

Consistently having your dog poop picked up can stop spreading these pathogens to your kids and pets.

Lastly, does your dog have a poop eating problem? It’s gross, but they do it all the time… If the poop isn’t there, your dog can’t eat it and be healthier for it!

Physical Limitations or Disability

Unexpected things in life happen; people have surgeries, become diagnosed with severe illnesses, or become injured. Some of us have physical limitations and or just plain old back pain that makes it very difficult to clean up after the dogs. Elderly, ailing, and disabled dog owners may need help, and hiring a professional dog poop removal service might make the difference between being able to keep your favorite dog or having to get rid of it.

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