COVID-19 has many of us stuck at home. But there is at least one positive during this trial. And that’s the extra time you get to spend with your dog.

Read this article to learn some great tips on making the most of this opportunity without totally spoiling your canine companion.

Stick to the Routine

Staying at home all day allows you to be more flexible, making it easy to fall out of a regular routine. But for your dog’s sake, try to stick to a regular schedule.

That means walks, grooming, training sessions, playtime, and meals need to be at the same time each day.

Appreciate the Positives

Soak up these extra hours you get with your pooch. After all, there were probably many days when you were stuck at the office and longed to be home with your furry friend.

So, place a few dog toys and a bed by your temporary work station. Your dog can just hang out with you as you work away.

When you aren’t working, you can enjoy fun activities with your pet. Here are some ideas:

● Teach your dog new tricks.
● Go on hikes.
● Bake dog treats at home and let your pup taste test them.
● Play fun games with your dog, like hide and seek.

But Don’t Spoil Your Dog

You can have fun with your dog, but that doesn’t mean you should spoil your pooch. Otherwise, you might end up with a monster on your hands.

With that in mind, don’t let your dog constantly dominate your attention. Even though you are at home, your pet shouldn’t always be your sole focus. You have plenty of things that need to get done, but you will never accomplish them if you are always distracted by your pet.

And don’t let your dog eat too many treats. It might be tempting to slip a few extra to your pup while you are grabbing your own snacks, but that can lead to excess weight gain.
Prepare Your Dog for the Day You Leave
It seems hard to believe right now, but one of these days, you will probably head back to work. By that point, your dog will be used to having you around all day.

Your dog needs to remember how to be home alone. Although there aren’t many places to go, you should still try to get out of the house several times each week. This will make the transition easier for your four-legged friend.

You should also let your dog be alone. That means staying in separate rooms for a certain amount of time each day or letting your dog roam the backyard while you stay inside.

Giving your dog this space will prevent separation anxiety when you return to work.

Although none of us would ever wish for COVID-19, it has given pet owners the chance to spend more time with their beloved fur babies. Try to enjoy that opportunity as much as you can during these difficult days.

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